About the Author

I’m an English Teacher and Teaching and Learning Assistant Co-ordinator in charge of Sharing Good Practise and Research and Development at St. Wilfrid’s R. C. College in South Shields. I love teaching and believe in life-long learning. I recently decided to dedicate a little time now and then to professional reading, and keep a record of the best bits: I’m no expert, but I’ll be learning from the best.

For me, professional reading will include all types of teaching theory, as well as developing my subject knowledge and keeping up to date with the latest Harry Potter / Twilight / Hunger Games crazes! Hopefully there’ll be something here for all types of teachers and those hoping to enter the profession.

It’s worthwhile to mention that, although I’ll be offering a bite-sized summary of my favourite parts of the books I’m reading, I highly recommend tracking down any books that catch your eye and reading them for yourself.

Happy reading!

Miss Burdon


One thought on “About the Author

  1. Good to see you’re still finding the time to keep the blog going, Miss B! We need every teacher to “stay excited” about this brilliant profession. Passing on ‘bite-sized summaries’ is a great idea and a very useful way of sharing advice and information..

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