Classroom Matters


A little shameless self-promotion! I have a short e-book available on Amazon for £1.53 which explores ways of making the most of your Secondary classroom space. Setting up the classroom at the start of a new academic year is for me, one of the most exciting and encouraging ways to get ready for the term ahead. Nothing makes a bigger and more immediate visual impact and says more about the type of teacher you are and what the students who enter your domain can expect.

In this short book I explore the importance of the classroom as a learning and motivational tool, and offer a plethora of funky ideas that you can use and adapt to create your own impressive personalised space!

Some reviews on the book:

“I liked how the author was able to draw on her own practical experience and also build on all the best of what she has seen over the years in her teaching career. I can see teachers everywhere being pleasantly surprised at the reaction of their students as they enter the classroom eagerly to see how it is going to look today. The students will feel valued – “she actually went to all this trouble for us?” The teacher will hopefully gain brownie points too in that student interest and enthusiasm for subjects and topics will grow. Without being over the top the author encourages readers to take a fresh new look at classroom environments for secondary schools and her enthusiasm is catching!”

“An insightful booklet on the art of teaching. There are plenty of good ideas here, practical stuff that plays well in the classroom. I particularly liked the class museum section. There is a method to the madness.”