My Top Teaching Books!


The Latin Quarter, Paris, France

There are certain books I turn to time and time again to give me ideas and inspiration for my teaching, and teaching and learning sessions, particularly in the run-up to observations. Here are my top teaching books:

Pimp Your Lesson by Isabella Wallace

A fun, easy to read book looking at all aspects of lesson planning and how to get across all the fantastic things you’re already doing.

The Perfect Ofsted Lesson by Jackie Beere

A clear guide to what the inspectors are looking for in your lessons, wit lots of practical advice grounded in the grading criteria.

All books by Ron Clark!

Ron Clarke is the teacher depicted by Matthew Perry in the fab feel-good movie ‘The Ron Clark Story’.  He uses stories from his on experience to discuss a back to basics approach to teaching young people real life lessons.

Teacher’s Toolkit by Paul Ginnis

A must on every new teacher’s list. No theory, just a hue collection of teaching strategies and ideas.

Getting Things Done by David Allen

Not specifically for teachers – just for all very busy people!